Thursday, March 31, 2005

Drumm and Burks are Having a Baby Tomorrow

Just a friendly reminder from your old buddy Zeke….Tomorrow is the magical day when radio geeks around the world have fun at other’s expense. April Fools day stunts have been around forever and it amazes me how many idiots still fall for them.

I remember a morning guy telling his listeners that if they didn’t want their house trashed, they had to put plastic bags over their phones because the phone company was going to blow all the dust out of the lines. That of course resulted in chaos, plastic bag shortages and almost dismissal of the morning show. Please. The saddest part is someone somewhere will do that that same bit again tomorrow.

There hasn’t been an original idea in radio ever. All of it is stolen from one place or another and 99% of it is lame. Is it really a format change to Spanish? Are Ron and Steve really going to play “all disco all the time” from now on? Again, please.

The rumor machine has been spinning like a top for weeks about the demise of Rock 103 and the birth of 98.1 The Worst Kept Secret in Memphis Radio. It should be an interesting day to say the least, but don’t believe the hype….yet. Start believing at about noon tomorrow.

You want wacky radio? Give me Drake Hall, a feeding tube and a bottle of Patron and I’ll give you wacky.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Easter Bunny Crapped in my Coffee

There’s nothing like a rainy Sunday morning and Kris Kristofferson’s “Sunday Morning Coming Down” to put you in an upbeat mood. It’s the same feeling I get lately watching the news.

Between the people comparing the Terri Schiavo case to the persecution of Jesus and the “breaking news” about a beaver infestation in Germantown, I am at a loss for words. When a neighbor’s kid asked what Easter presents I was going to give him…he wanted some X-Box games, I almost back-handed the little bastard back into reality.

Is the world really getting this out of touch? Drake and I used to kid each other about going to work every day. We would say it was our “therapy”. We better get back to work soon or I’m going to end up like all the other zoned out middle classed white folks….waiting in line for my meds at the Walgreen’s. It's appears there will be one on every corner soon.

Monday, March 21, 2005

An American Hump in Paris

It seems our friend Drake is internationally famous now. E-mails from France confirm that Mr. Hall was spotted by and spoke to a group from Oxford, MS in a cafe in Paris. Whether he was sporting a beret or carrying a "Euro Man Purse" remains to be seen. Four Horsemen, saddle up! When he starts raving about the comedic talents of Jerry Lewis I'll start to worry.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

What a Difference 7300 Days Make

Spring break was fun when I was college kid. Three guys burning through southern Mississippi in ’77 Mercury Marquis that had seen better days with a giant box of cassette tapes, and a giant cooler. After a stop to chat with the fine police of Dothan, AL we were on to the Ft. Lauderdale strip…it was a hell of a week and it’s all a blur now. Twenty years later I have kids that are on spring break this week and if they don’t go back to school soon I may run out of Duck Tape or patience.

The thing I remember most about that spring break trip (besides the marginally decent looking chick from UGA) was the music. Good crankin’ tunes that made driving all night a breeze. Everything from “Southern Fried” to “Heavy Metal” to a brand new guitar player from Austin, TX. When I was making my coffee this morning I turned on the radio and had quite the flashback. SRV was a bad mofo…so was Randy Rhodes, for different reasons of course.

I sure am hearing nice buzz on the streets about “98.1 The Worst Kept Secret in Memphis Radio History”. People I have not heard from in years are calling and e-mailing like they just won the lottery.

I said this was going to be fun. It will only get better in the next few days. Have a great St. Patrick’s Day puking up green beer and put Drake or the country of France on your prayer list.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

I Read the News Today Oh Boy.....

Drake and I used to kid each other that he would have to kill my entire family to get our names in the Commercial Appeal. Thank you Tom Walter for spelling them correctly. Big things are on the way.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

It's Come to This

I worked for Rock 103 from 1979-2004. I was part of the good old days, and I'm glad I will not be there at the end.

I WAS the Walrus....koo koo ca choo. I sweated it out my early radio career in a big fuzzy mascot outfit. I probably gave you a sticker/Rock Card/Album(!)/concert tickets or showed up with the Rock 103 Party Patrol at your house. I shook hands with more mouth-breathing bottom feeders than most politicians. I remember the $1.03 concerts with Tom Petty, U2, the Police and others. I remember the New Years Eves at the Mid South Coliseum. I hyped enough Kiss concerts over the years that Gene should send me a card on my birthday. And yes, like you, I was on the cover of the Trapeze live album at the Overton Park Shell. (Only kidding, I was eight and living in Germany at the time.)

I did hundreds of live broadcasts from places I am still trying to put out of my mind, and I have sold enough crap on the radio to make many sales people rich many times over.

I was the last jock on the air at WZXR Rock 103 and one of the first ones back after the awful Z103 days. (Another bad call by a corporate radio weasel.)

Over the years I worked with some real characters. From TY and Bob Brame to Mark Kessler and Art Mehring....Mississippi John Rivers, Redbeard, Lola, Leon Griffin, Rob Grayson, Debbie Clark, Kelly Cruise, Wes Yahola, Jennifer Reed, the Wake Up Crew and of course my "other current wife" Drake Hall.

At times it really was like family. I made many friends and most of the assholes weeded themselves out. What goes around etc.

Well, it's going around again. I am now "the enemy".

People I have known for more than half of my life have been threatened with their job if they are seen talking with me. Is it business? Sure. Is it business being conducted by an out-of-touch control freak with a chip on his shoulder? You bet!
A conniving little man who has his head so far up the corporate ass he has not seen reality in a long, long time? Dittos Rush wannabe! It's hard to be paranoid about something that doesn't exist yet, but they are doing a great job of it.

Clear Channel Communications and their pawns have sucked the life out of what was once one of the best rock stations in America. Rock 103 is dying...believe it. It's ugly and sad. I feel sorry for the people who still work there. Some of them knew what it would take to fix the problem, now it's too late. I would suggest they start learning Spanish if they want to feed their families.

It's time for me and some friends, some new and some old, to build a new radio station and have fun at work again. I think you will like it. And if anybody gets to put a bullet in the Walrus I'm glad it's me. See you soon. Zeke

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bringing da funk wit me.

I can still smell Amsterdam....every time I put on my leather jacket. Now that is one funky smelling town. Kind of a mix between Krystal burger, cheap weed and a wet basset hound with curry. Maybe it's time for a new jacket.

Thanks for all the kind e-mails and posts on the web page. While our time off is certainly not flying by, it is nice to know that we still have our peeps with us.

Remember that feeling you used to get toward the end of summer vacation when you wanted to get back and see all your friends? It ain't like that yet. I'm good for another couple of months.

Once we can get CC's foot off of Drake's neck this thing will bust wide open and there will be many beers killed in celebration. Hell, it's only one in the afternoon on a Tuesday and a beer is starting to sound like a great idea, or an annoying Cheryl Crow song.